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Paddy and his team pride themselves on their commitment to a wholesome, great tasting loaf.

With a focus on health and quality that not only caters to the masses but also to some of those often neglected fringe dietaries such as vegan, yeast free and now the not so fringe juggernaut that is gluten free.

​We bake everything in-store, our Soda Bread is the best outside of Ireland and people travel from far and wide for our Potato Bread.

For generations, we Irish have left our shores in search of a new life, and Australia continues to welcome us in droves. We've embraced our new country, mates and lifestyle with passion, while we continue to keep our treasured Irish culture and traditions close to the heart.

At Paddy the Baker our goal is to provide our fellow Irish with the
freshest, most authentic foods from home, while sharing the joy with our fellow Aussies too!

A lot of great gluten free options that actually taste like bread

Let's face it, some gluten free products taste more like cardboard than a delicious loaf. We'd like to think we've got something to say about

Explore our Gluten Free Range
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